The Sun and its role in awakening
The Sun is of course is a very tangible 'being' which we as humans can view as a vital energy and therefore life provider in our galaxy - it has something to do with the cosmic turn of events - it takes its place in the universe and helps steer the planets around it - sometimes it appears to help protect itself and maybe our planet too as Nassim Haramein suggested in his famous presentation on the Sun. Apparently we are in part made of the same basic material as stars - carbon! We ae constructed out of the debris of Stardust. However our story has happened and unfolded - it does seem with the limited information that we have that we may be a unique or very rare event and experience 'in our sector' of the universe - so to me its not impossible to ask whether the Sun may be looking out for our planet.

The Sun doesnt always of course get such good press, such as in this Daily Telegraph news story concerning Nasa's theories about the Sun and its cycles back in june 2010. Other media outlets beefed up the language, giving the Sun a bad press; as always instilling fear to craft a compelling story or perhaps for other reasons - funny handshakes and all that? Any propaganda that can help the global carbon trade and those politicians desiring global governance reach fruition via the international fear preaching media should be treated with the upmost skepticism. Some areas of the press even went as far as to warn of the Earth being in darkness for days. I would ask of Nasa with their extremely limited lifespan having become operational on October 1st 1958 - a)How solid is their evidence for the upcoming solar storm maxims, b)Why they think that they have the date/s correct, c)What they base their evidence of the effects of a solar storm on? and d)From whoever the theory for the solar maximum came from - what the state of their psychology is? Of course with theorising on cosmic events we can understand that Nasa CAN get it wrong, no matter how large their funding. However if this does happen and our communications satellites are knocked out - then what of it. But if it turns out to be true about the Sun's energy being too strong for the Earth's satellites to cope well with, then the drive to be self sustainable and to understand how to grow plants and to take our place back within the cycles of nature seems ever more important.

When you take us down to our basic elements you will find we are made entirely of chemicals - you then may ask yourself - "where is the consciousness?" - No human should ever be so conceited to assume that they know what is going on with the sun. We are microbes when it comes to the Sun. You could also ask yourself - that if stars and humans are made up of the same basic material - carbon - then both humans and stars might share similar traits, of course theorising is fully in our rights as conscious thinking indiviuals and healthy, stating as fact in such an unprovable case is not wise. I know it may sound far out to most people but to me it is not only plausible but damn exciting to think that the Sun is conscious. I have no proof only an intuitive understanding, that has materialised from a personal vision and also from the ideas of Gregory Sams He presents it a lot more clearer in his book though than we have space for here..

Of course that now famous documentary Zeitgeist spilled the beans on the basis of the major religions of the world and the building of the myth of Jesus and Mohammed upon the rising of the sun (son) on the third morning after the winter solstice sun. Stonehenge and many other solar temples around the world are a lasting testament to the Sun worship that has gone on and still does to this day. The attempts to kill off the true religions based upon the real life giving force in our lives have not completed the job, the cheers of 20,000 Sun Worshippers at Stonhenge this year were testamount to that fact. And the remarkable results on the main temple at Chichen Itza during the spring Equinox amongst many other megalithic sites tell the tale of how long and how seriously Sun worship has been taken through the ages. Quite different to the temples that we build today that bow to corporate culture. When people are deceived and the majority start to follow the deceived then this is when it is time to start lighting a fire under the truth. The Sun is that fire of truth - whatever is chucked at it or fed to us - be it the global warming scam that certain self serving politicans and business people are using to get a stranglehold on power the truth is that we all know when we feel the Sun's rays on our skin that it is there for life and nothing can take that understanding away from us.
The energy of the sun can be captured of course. Bring on the solar revolution!