Chemtrail versus Contrail

The recent documentary from Michael Murphy and Edward G Griffin titled – 'What in the World are they Spraying' (which we at SWAT have found to be one sided and quite weak in its evidence) has brought the issue of chemtrails / geo-engineering to the fore among conspiracy theorists and truth seekers. Usually found to be one of the more outlandish and hard to believe 'conspiracies' out there – the issue of mass poisoning by toxic chemicals is naturally something that no one wants to believe is true – in other words it is natural to not want to face the information and dismiss it out of hand. I had always found this one to be something that I didnt want to put my attention to, the topic didnt seem worthy of my attention because it could not be true – could it? But the ever increasing discussion on the internet about chemtrails and the obvious change in the climate and the weather and the seemingly ever increasing persistance of lasting trails being left by high flying aircraft coupled with the recent statements on geo-engineering by the UK government and the UN convention on biodiversity had really made the subject unavoidable to pay attention to. Out of the dark and into the light so to speak.

Whatever anyone's personal views on the issue of chemtrails and contrails – the issue of atmopheric alteration is something that affects us all. From the ground all we can is observe and make guesses about what is taking place in the upper atmoshpere and some of those guesses are paranoid and unfounded and some are downright ignorant of the real dangers posed by fossil fuel powered flight. There have been two camps with two seperate routes arriving at the same destination in the debate on atmpospheric modification – the conspiracy route that involves observing the sky and seeing 'toxic' chemtrails that are sometimes arranged in grid format, and this geoengineering watch website takes residence in that particular camp. Then we have the route that 'rational' people take in the discussion who take the position that all that is happening in the upper atmosphere is that planes are leaving harmless vapour trails and the chemtrailers are losing their mind, “nothing to worry about, nothing to see here, move along..” SWAT investigator Infidel in his revealing research into this subject has found sites like Contrail Science who are currently hosting debates on the science and psuedoscience of plane trails. Infidel summed up that it is a fact that plane trails are partly to blame for changing the climate of the upper atmoshphere, and that the polarisation in the chemtrail/contrail debate is taking the focus away from the real issue that plane emissions are indeed a form of geoengineering – that plane emissions are responsible for the transition of chemicals from sedentary environments to the upper atmosphere and are therefore respnsible for the smearing of the skies and the alterations that may be responsible for negative health effects. It does not take a 'climate scientist' to understand that there is going to be no benefit from the crazy idea being floated around to spray metallic elements in the atmosphere to 'shield' the planet from the 'threatening' sun!! A bizarre idea, thankfully the UN Convention on biodiversity it seems have decided that such measures might be outlandish and dangerous even to contemplate and have placed a-possibly tenous moratorium on international, unregulated geo-engineering projects.

Geoengineering and the effects of plane induced contrails then are vitally important issues that needs to be addressed and dealt with. We cannot just comfortably reside in either polarised camp on the issue of atmopheric alteration, but to learn from both sides and take the most intelligent route forward is obviously the best choice. The spraying in California of pesticides over populated areas that was planned for and occurred over the last few years to control the light brown apple moth and the fact that the Ministry of Defence in the UK admitted to bacterial test spraying programme over populated areas are testamount enough to the lengths that those in government will go to, that do not take into consideration the health of people.

That such things have happened should give us food for thought on what other undisclosed tests and secret projects could theoretically happen, but the balance to this is that the scientific evidence points us away from the idea that all the lasting contrails in the sky being part of a chemtrail spraying programme. Cognitive disonance is a well documented psychological trait that describes the ability of people to cloud over their emotions and to enable them to do things that affect others, such as in Howard Zinn's case when he followed orders of dropping bombs on german soldiers that had surrendered. In his last book, 'The Bomb' he relays how he didn't think of the people that his bomb releasing button-pressing was going to affect – he was just doing his job. Those who want dirty jobs done know the power of cognitive disonance. So we should not cast aside that what we should think cannot happen and always maintain to keep our wits about us and our minds open, and so it is with the plane contrail area.