The banking scam has to be halted!

It is a simple fact that certain people in power have tried to paper over within the last few years that the fractional reserve banking for profit system is designed to fail - and to fail constantly. Failure is built into the banking system, it results in a continual power and finance shift to the extremely wealthy - and it is this cyclical apocalypse that means it is all of our duties to cut the head off the beast that is the fractional reserve banking system.

The fractional reserve system cannot herald successful results for the majority - tfractional reserve banking means to be able to have on your books a fraction of what you are able to lend out, and this simply put is a crime against those using your service. The agreements that politicians and banking corporations come to make between themselves are nothing without our consent. In fact it is our duty - when it is clear that 'leaders' are no longer working for us - the people - that we should pull the rug from under them, isolate them and their agreements so that whatever they dictate for us to follow is no longer applicable.

How can we succeed in such an endeavour - well networks of people who are building other means of swopping goods, skills and services are a vital step towards gaining back our rights to be in control of our own destiny and our freedom to engage in intra-community transactions without the inteference of the leeches who gain from robbing us. There is now more than ever a need for community not for profit credit schemes, please start your own and let us know where people can hear about and join your schemes, we will publicise the details for you.

The next step when we have set up alternatives is the task of convincing everyone else of the validity of dropping out of the banking for profit scheme all together, it can be done - we do not have to continue with the same methods and human activity on the same routes we always take, all it takes is some creativity, we are sovereign beings and no one else  has a right to rule over us - repeat this to anyone who thinks that we have to continually bow to the banking system and anyone in government who repeats their mantras.

Although the major hurdles to pulling out of the 'for profit' banking system, that of the basic needs for energy and a home need to be drawn into the equation as part of the solution towards the problem. We all need a home and energy to power the various objects in our homes, wherever our home is, but even landlords/landladys can be enlightened, and we can start with those enlightened enough to realise that this is all about people over money - after all money isnt real anyway - modern money in the USA and in Europe as we can see is based upon debt - that benefits no one apart from the financial leeches. We can make schemes where such enlightened people who own property and land and have the means to help others become self-sustainble, can swop a home for something other than cash as rent, perhaps modelled on the landshare schemes, where people maintain gardens and  grow food on people's land where the owner's neither have the time or energy to do so... Believe it can be done - we can make money redundant, people laughed at me when I mentioned that we could trade and barter goods and services without the need for money - and now Community Currencies are sprouting up everywhere. We are way more than habit forming creatures - we are born of stardust, our own Star - The Sun  gives us the energy to live - we are way more special than the mainstream schooling system and media lead us to believe - please go forth, be amazing and let us know your tales of success.