Time to frack Parliament

The time has come to stop putting off time to do something. That turncoat, lowlife Nick Clegg who decided to support the Tories to make this wretched Government a possibility is the reason that so many people are suffering from financial hardship today, way worse than they would be if the Liberal Democrats had teamed up with the slightly more egalitarian bunch that call themselves Labour. I consider Nick Clegg the main reason that we have to give up our precious time to fight, and I mean fight for our lives, for this Government are enacting some very dangerous policies and have plans for way worse. (How convenient that things have heated up not long after the Bilderberg Conference has taken place in the UK. This is a regular pattern that we have noticed at SWAT.) The most brutal of which is the plan to bypass local decision making when it comes to building up the industry of inland, non-conventional extraction for gas by the technique of hydraulic fracturing, ie. fracking the land for gases that obviously should be left deep underground. The ground beneath our feet should be left intact and not fractured, how ridiculous! It isn’t just that the process could mean that our water supplies will be polluted with methane or that seismic tremours happen due to the process and that these break the concrete wells that the chemicals, water and gas travel through, or even that methane is way worse than carbon dioxide for causing climate change it’s that the countryside in this country will now be industrialised, tankers full of toxic water and gas will be hurtling through the lanes that we so lovingly walk through and our country will gradually turn into an industrialised nightmare. The UK will turn into a far out sci-fi nightmare scenario. How sick must someone be to imagine and wish to enact such a scenario.

While George Osborne is public enemy number one for causing difficulties in the renewable energy industry in this country and for using all of his DARK POWERS currently to help carve an easy path for fracking to commence in the UK, it is Nick Clegg who could have been the man who could have put a stop to this situation ever arising, by teaming up with the Conservative party he is personally responsible for all of the dreaded policies now being enacted on the people of the UK, including the decision to frack the fuck out of our countryside, although many politicians including Jack Straw of Labour are pro-fracking, thinking only of the promised pound signs that flash up before their corrupted eyes. It is a fool's game to think that going to ever more extreme lengths to get gas and oil is the way forward, all this while the tories and liberal democrats have systematically done all that they can do to reduce the market for renewables in this country.

Not that I am laying blame squarely on Nic Clegg's shoulders, there are many people in this Government who have the knives out to carve up our way of life. Of course a Government is not some entity but a collection of individuals, individuals who hide behind being part of a ‘system’, this absolves those individuals of the responsibility of the outcomes of their decisions and their actions. It is common knowledge that most politicians are amongst the most self-serving, untrustworthy and downright evil of people, but many people are ‘protected’ from that knowledge because politicians hide behind the veil of Government. It is even worse when you have a corporate businessperson such as 'lord' browne of madingley – a director of frackers cuadrilla (he does not deserve capitalisation and nor does his company) who is also a politican, a fracker in the house of lords who has power within this CONDEM government! You could not make it up! You can look at these people as being similar to the Wizard of Oz, hiding behind the veil, their faces in shadow and their souls shallow, without empathy, although they depart from the Wizard of Oz with the empathy part as he obviously did reveal that in the end. There are some good people in politics though, although a minority, such as Caroline Lucas, the Green MP, Glenda Jackson, Tom Watson – the paedophile hunter and Michael Meecher - who recently asked emergency questions in parliament regarding the secrecy surrounding this year’s Bilderberg Conference. Various politicians were in attendance at The Bilderberg Conference this year including Kenneth Clarke, the Minister without Portfolio who assured Mr Meecher that no policy decisions were made at the Conference but that those ‘jolly sounding’ Chatham house rules were in play and that no more could be said in reply to the question. The current people who inhabit high office, the offices that affect so many of us in this country; David Cameron, George Osborne and Boris Johnson while at Oxford University were members of the Bullingdon Club. The Bullingdon Club originally a sports club, gradually changed with successive generations into a restaurant wrecking operation, the premise being that you go to a restaurant, enjoy your meal, probably while getting nicely inebriated, and then you smash the place up, but due to your extreme wealth you can afford to leave a stack of cash to pay for the repairs. The members would end up in the cell for a night but that was part of the fun.

The worrying thing about having members of this club within Government is that the kind of mentality that likes to wreck things isn’t the kind of mentality that you want making important decisions that affect people’s lives, while being able to misuse the nation’s tax revenues. People like this should not be able to hold the office that they currently are. Something has to change, the political system is too open to abuse in the UK. The situation is of course way worse in the USA, not many know that George W Bush was a member of the Skull and Bones society while at Yale University, and so was John Kerry the current Secretary of State of Barack Obama’s Administration who supposedly ‘ran against’ George W Bush in the 2004 US Presidential Elections. Both men have been questioned live on air about these connections and both looking very uncomfortable answered that it was so secret that they couldn’t talk about the society. The anomalies surrounding the events of 11th September 2001 have thrown up enough suspicion to make it certain that elements within the US Government were involved in the attacks on America of that date, which fulfilled the requirements noted in the Operation Northwoods policy that resulted from the US Government of 1962. Luckily the President at that time, John F Kennedy rejected the policy that was put to him, how unfortunate (and planned) therefore was his untimely assassination. It is undeniable today that politicians and coprorate 'leaders' (One and the same! They do go through the Revolving Door after all) from the USA and the UK share the same destructive zeal. Such zeal has obviously been forged via organisations such as The Atlantic Bridge. This organisation connected the neo-conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic, it was apparently dissolved as a Charity in 2011 following a critical report from the Charities Commission. It has though, served its purpose!,connecting psychopaths on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, to help them further their destructive policies in tandem!

As I said at the beginning of this article though, the time has come to do something about politics and politicians. We cant stand by and allow this terrible situation to continue, and we at SWAT welcome your comments and ideas on how to go forward to put a stop to the corruption of our political landscape, please email us at comms@swat-hq.com to help us get the ball rolling.