Truth about healthcare

Health Care System - A double edged sword

Disconnection from nature - realised in the Western world most clearly in our seperation from plants and caring for them alongside an over-reliance on toxin containing synthesised drugs is the primary cause of disease today. Think about this - imagine that you work in the health industry and you have a steady income - you are going to need people to be sick for your role to be valid - but you need a constant stream of people for it to pay you a regular income. So what is the perfect answer to helping people see your role as valid, but also to ensure that you can keep regular 'customers' coming to you? Perhaps it is to help your 'customers' feel better from coming to you for your services - by offering pain numbing drugs that offer temporary release - drugs that need regular consumption. Your 'health' practise is guaranteed to give you a regular income with such methods; the pharmaceutical company are also going to be content, as they will be able to continue paying out to their employees and shareholders whilst also making a profit. Indeed such methods to push continuity of demand for the drugs produced must be something discussed in all board rooms of all pharmaceutical companies.

Whatever the intentions of those going into the 'health' profession it is clear that the situation described above is the very basis of what keeps the industry going. The National Health Service in this country is funded by ourselves and the government is the accountant for the service, whilst making the rules with which it is operated, the government then farms out decision making to local care authorities who run the funding for such, on the basis of the rules that the government set down. It is a solid situation - a great British institution and many of us in the UK are proud that we have a free healthcare system. Indeed in emergency situations the NHS is a real life saver - when things go wrong it is there - free at point of delivery to provide vital life saving surgery and such. Many people rely on the NHS to offer out pills and other medications that help their pain or provide other effects for their conditions. So to suggest that the NHS in some ways is responsible for many people remaining ill or debilitated in some way is surely likely to cause some discontentment - but here at SWAT HQ - our aim is to motivate you out of your comfort zone, to help you acheive a personal apocalypse of the notions that you have long held to be true - when you realise that many notions that you hold dear have been programmed into you from an early age you can begin the process of dismantling those that need a rework. Our mission is truely to help bring about transformations in your life that will benefit you and those around you.

My personal experience of being diagnosed with asthma when I was younger, and too young to know better, has taught me a great deal about the NHS and medication. It is of course natural for many parents to freak out when a child is ill or seems to be having breathing problems, especailly if that parent has unresolved anxieties or issues of their own, like many of us do. The doctors seem to have the answer - an inhaler that you will 'need' to take daily to be able to breathe properly!!? If I was in the same place where I am now when I was younger I would have exclaimed, "Are you seriously trying to tell me that I need a device with unknown chemicals in to be able to breathe properly!!??!" - Many out there would respond with, "Of course, the air quality is getting worse, look at the increase in the amount of cars and pollution, and those dust mites - its the dust! The dust I tell you!!" - Well I did take the inhalers on and off for years - my parents brought me up without the knowledge required to be able to know any different, so it was installed at an early age - I really thought that I needed the inhalers to breathe properly... But at the age of 35 my breathing was at a dangerous point - maybe because of some infection or some other trigger I could hardly walk 10 paces without having to take the 'reliever inhaler' - 35 and I felt like an old man with collapsing lung!! Whatever the cause - something had to be done about this...

Well to cut a long story short - I was determined to sort this out - I remember when I was younger taking part in the 1500m races and always coming in the top 3 - what had gone wrong? Was it that the air quality had gotten so bad that it was effecting my lungs or was it just that I was indeed someone develping weak lungs for no apprent reason? The causes of asthma have long been debated and many theories put forward - is it dust mite crap or car pollution or is it psychological or is it all down to pollen or cat fur? That there could be so many causes made me think that no one had the right answer.. Being lucky enough to have worked part time in a bookstore (was it the dust in the bookstore?) and responsible for the health section I had a tremendous amount of information at my disposal - I worked in a physical internet - so the occassional browse of the health books allowed me to educate myself about the breathing conditons that doctors liked to refer to as asthma. The answer that I had gleaned from reading the books at the bookstore and looking into the causes of 'asthma' on the internet and through personal experience was to make sure that the body had the defences it needed to be able to strengthen immunity against the various allergies or causes of the breathing problems that the 'health' industry likes to refer to as asthma.

One of the techniques that I had explored to be able to start the journey to eliminating my breathing problems was the Buteyko Technique - a technique devised by a Russian Scientist - I had obtained a book that higher intelligence had instructed me to read whilst under the influence of a psychedelic - but I found that while useful as a transitional technique that this too had its limitations - and some of the recommended ways of dealing with the breathing problems were to be honest quite ridiculous - but the breathing technique itself was very useful in order to gradually come off the inhalers that your body gets reliant on, the inhalers that in fact dictate how your body runs its breathing mechanism. I tell you what I'll give the doctors something to put in their mouth - after being told to take the 'preventor' inhalers - and to use the 'reliever inhaler' less - being told by a doctor to imagine the 'preventor' to be a substantial meal and the 'reliever' to be a short insubstantial snack - words and NLP techniques that they use to try to seduce you into using the inhalers, I'll give them a spoonful of natural medicine right in their overpaid faces... Those legitimised drug peddlers ;)

So we turn now to the real answer to sort out breathing problems; it is to strengethen your immune system to be able to have your body strong enough to be able to fight off most of the allergens that might cause an 'asthma' attack - the nutrient - Selenium has been known to help the body make more of what it needs for the breathing system to work more effectively - this is obtained in Brazil Nuts - buying these also helps those in the Amazon decide to keep the trees responsible for producing the nuts - a kind of defence system for the rainforest's existence. Selenium is also obtainable in supplement form. Other factors that help our immune system protect against breathing problems are avoiding or dramatically reducing our wheat intake (I highly recommend this!), avoiding or at least reducing our caffeine intake - it is difficult coming off this addictive chemical but so worth it - green tea has loads less caffeine than 'regular breakfast tea' and many other benefits too - so move to this tea, try chicory if you are a coffee addict - it is nutrionally effective rather than the vitamin C depleting effects of nutritionally deficient caffeine. I have also read about the benefits of appples, moving to sea salt from table salt and avoiding dairy products as effective methods of combating breathing problems. If these techniques and dietary changes have obvious health benefits then why aren't these also offered in 'asthma clinic' at the doctor's surgery instead of the promotion of 'new' and 'better' asthma drugs?

Herbal medicines and dietary modifications should be presented with a higher priority than medical drug interventions as they mostly offer preventative options so that people dont become ill to need corrective drugs - the cost savings to the nhs would be phenomenol. Herbal medicines should be taken seriously - We have the national health service - how about the Natural Health Service? The Natural Health industry is under constant attack and slander from those in the pharmaceutical industry and their minions in the Codex Alimentarius commission though and it is clear why this happens - this is due to the pressure from pharmaceutical companies to those in government - often they are the same people - yo-yoing in and out of government - to keep them in pole position - to keep their profits up by preying on the weak, uneducated and sick.

The curtailing of an individual's choice to choose and select for themselves those herbal supplements that will help prevent disease and disorders - such as will happen if many herbs get banned from shops in Europe, where many people have hectic and busy lifestyles, makes the use of supplements an effective convenient method of keeping healthy, obviously a better method than the use of toxin containing pharmaceutical drugs. Education rather than regulation is the way forward for people to learn how to stay healthy and it is only the realisation of the true nature of prescriptive drugs that will allow this to happen. The ability to change your mind - to adopt what Robert Anton refered to as Maybe Logic - to be able to adapt your thinking to new knowledge is an essentail trait that certain chemicals such as fluoride seem to dumb down. Get out of 'their' plan - learn how to steer clear of toxins and move towrds nutrients in your life!