The Calling of Humanity, our True Destiny.

Part 1

I would like to start this article by showing my heart felt gratitude to our most amazing host Mother Earth, for keeping humanity in balance with nature, and all the cosmic energies interacting with us therein. I would also like to pay my respects to the trillions of stars that have been born and have died over time eternal, through billions of years of cosmic alchemy, just to give us this precious chance at life on Earth today. Lastly, I cannot forget the entire ensemble of life forms existing in harmony within an abundant eco system, as without their bio diversity we wouldn't have been able to survive, flourish or evolve when the universe passed us the great cosmic relay baton.

But what are we doing with this sacred gift and miraculous opportunity to fulfil our destiny in the universe, to step into a beautiful bright future, as free, conscious, intelligent, creative beings? I shake my head in disbelief. What are we doing here? It’s really quite astonishing. We’re collectively taking part in the systematic destruction and devouring of the very planet and precious eco system we depend upon to sustain us.

I could thank the technological and global “advancements” for that! And we have all had a part to play (most unwittingly) in our cooperation with this system, as it perpetuates further dismantling and unravelling of everything that was naturally perfect to begin with. Well done, are we are all feeling proud of ourselves now?

We are rapidly destroying Mother Nature. We shouldn’t beat around the bush here. If we carry on consuming her at this rate for much longer, we won’t have a planet left, let alone one worth inhabiting. It might be past that tipping point already, yet we continue to poison our water supplies, the air, and the soil; to cull, oppress and mistreat the animal and plants, and all living entities including ourselves with wild abandon.

We know what we’re doing deep down, but we’re like addicts that prefer to live in denial. We still keep on mindlessly turning up to work for the globalists, throw money at their shops, petrol pumps, and carry on consuming like there’s no tomorrow. We make feeble excuses about our lack of choice, rather than a lack of conscience, but I digress. We cannot go on like this; it is time to try something new before it is too late. There is a collective alternative, but we need to be deprogrammed from years of bullshit to get anywhere near it.

It is time to glimpse the potential of humanity before it’s too late. We have a responsibility to find the courage to do the right thing, and speak our truth. We must not turn a blind eye to the exploitation or greed anymore. If we don’t step into our own power now, our natural human yearnings to belong and to contribute will continue to be harnessed into further servitude, by a system that continues to exploit our genuine human nature.

Instead of following our inner voice, our hearts, imaginations, dreams, passions and intuition, to exist in full harmony with the ‘natural law’, we have the media, news channels, marketing and advertising industry, ‘education’ system, analysts, professionals, psychologists, political and religious institutions in place to weave an incredible mind job on an unsuspecting public.

This is the system we have in place to implant and surrogate our own internal blueprint. It places certain social demands and obligations upon us, whilst pumping us full of conditioning, distractions, spiritual/natural degradations, compartmentalisations and ecologically destructive directions.

The so called authorities and masters will do their utmost to keep us in fear and to stop us from going against their wishes. If we fail to conform to the rules of the game, they will physically, spiritually and mentally trespass against our inalienable natural born privileges/rights.

The ‘elites’ have more or less publicly announced their full agenda with a ‘war on Terra’. Their plans for the world continue with more sinister undertones each day, and we cannot bury our heads in the sand any longer. The facts confirm it and everyone knows it, but does anyone feel it? We should have a natural reaction (to feel the pain and suffering) of course, but too many people seem to have become so isolated, contained, domesticated and comfortable within their own financial enslavement, that they are no longer aware of the insanity of it all.

As we count the cost (monetary, human and environmental) of bombing the shit out of other countries, leaving depleted uranium everywhere whilst setting up central banks and taking control of the oil fields, we are told by the spokespeople that it is all being done out of a genuine heart felt desire to help the people of the world find true freedom. We know this is pure propaganda for the machine, but what can we do? All the psychopathic, artificial, parasitical, exploitative and destructive social constructs of our so called civilised society, are the enemies of any free soul. I don’t like talking in terms of war, (us and them mentality), but this is what they have made it.

A lot of people have learned to actually enjoy living under this system, and find some sense of purpose in their servitude to the elites. ‘Stockholm syndrome’ I believe it is called. This is where the victim grows fond of the abuser and finally becomes happily subservient to them. They maintain a delusion that everything is OK and normal, even mistaking the abuse for acts of kindness in an attempt to mask the reality of the situation.

When we open our hearts we can see the injustice, greed, exploitation, and other evils being carried out in our own name. We are often incapacitated by feeling like we could never speak out, or go against the flow. We are taught that this is just the way it is and not to rock the boat. It is finely tuned for optimal efficiency, and the structures in place have made it very difficult to escape its reach.

I’ve found that there are plenty of people and social constructs lined up that would prefer for you to stay pacified or caught up in the web (of multiple distractions) for a multitude of reasons, and do everything they can to keep it that way. Safety in numbers, right?

“Don’t let Jonesy boy escape the rat race without us! He seems to be getting away! Oh no, can’t be having that. That might make us face up to the reality that we are so hopelessly enslaved by it ourselves. Lets help keep him in this bag of tricks too. Besides, if we have to suffer inside it, or don’t have the inclination to break free from it ourselves, then neither should he!” Sorry, but Jonesy boy said “Screw you and your hamsters wheel of fortunes; it’s all a scam!”

We were not born to begin a lifelong financial enslavement. I know we all want to have a roof over our heads, have some sort of security, (due to our insecurities) and ultimately put some food on the table, but it’s all done by and for slaves of an economic system that is killing us slowly.

There is a splinter inside our collective mind, telling us that something is very wrong with the world system (and the power structures that support it), but we’re too busy trying to keep our own heads above water, and bribing the grim reaper to stay away every day with our hard earned debt tokens. Besides, how could we speak out against such a system without the collective voice that we so sorely need, in unity.

Everything right now in this system appears to revolve around individuals accumulating worthless bits of paper in the name of the Queen, (and destroying the planet in the process), just to be granted (by a world banking cartel) what can otherwise be gratuitously obtained under any natural order of cooperation.

This is insane! And it’s not just the bluebloods; we’re up against a machine mind, and a psychotic one at that. This machine has no real face to attack. Without a true face to blame for the state of society, I can’t even blame it on any particular group of individuals, apart from those (well that’s all of us really) that let it happen right under our own noses without downing tools and saying quite firmly, “NO!”

There are some people we could point the finger of blame at, and demand something be done, but they are very possessed human do doings, and I don’t know what I can do about that predicament. There are enough of us to turn up en-mass and outnumber the army, the police and whoever else might want to stand in our way, and remove the parasites ourselves one at a time. But that would be likely to incite crowd madness and a violent outcome. I don’t think taking out individuals will help much either; it’s quite a self replicating holographic program (system) that we the people are up against. Besides, if the voice truly is unanimous, we wouldn’t have any need for a violent uprising/revolution. We would just peacefully step away from that which no longer serves us.

A more interesting idea would perhaps be to open their hearts and de-program them through creativity, until there is no machine mind left for the parasite meme to infect. But how do you get that close to manipulate their senses? I’m just one dreamer musing with ideas here.

Part 2

Not to be too pessimistic, I have a lot of faith and hope in nature and humanity. I become so incredibly inspired whenever I see a flower blooming, buds opening, or a weed growing through the cracks of a pavement; when I’m admiring the microcosm of interconnected nature systems, the beautiful sunsets; kindness and love, children playing and laughing. I see that the human spirit, and that of nature itself, is an eternal, unstoppable wellspring of divine energies at play. I know we are un-crushable, innocent, and perfectly whole at the source.

We still have our original essence, and it is that which gives me hope that we can resist the oppressor in the final stages of its agenda. I know we can break free to grow into all the beautiful manifestations of our destiny. As we mature, and heal from our abuse, we can step back into our own power, and unite our special community. Unfortunately, the system won’t just fall apart if a small percentage of people walked out and set up their own eco village here and there either. That wouldn’t be enough to stop the machine of and by itself. Only a complete, coordinated global non compliance with it (detachment from it) could do that. But before we’re ready to go that far, we have to learn some real skills; including how to safely close down nuclear power plants!

There are experts to help with every scenario, but they’ve been compartmentalised and trained their whole lives to believe in their chosen field, not to help bring it to a close. We have a challenge ahead for sure, and we could be in for a bumpy ride, but I can see no other way. The first step would be to help people to let go, and detach from their installed addictions to such colossal artificial constructs. Anything is possible when it comes to our unlimited potential, adaptability and kind hearted nature. Just don’t make the same mistake of falling into a state of dependency upon monstrous giants that exploit and hoard, again! It is very demeaning, and always ends up being taken over by corrupt souls to take advantage of an unfair power relationship.

The universe is perfectly capable of growing/providing everything that we could ever need, for free, with natural abundance. I suppose we need some faith and some foresight before we can make that leap, but I’m sure it’s already in the blueprint of our souls. Since we’ve discovered the superior nutritional benefits of hemp (which is unsurprisingly illegal to grow for yourself in most countries), and all the other natural knowledge/skills we have acquired on the way, I think we are just about ready for us to make a unified request that we go back to the natural systems.

Perhaps we can move out of the overcrowded cities, live off the land, utilise hemp, and work just a few hours a day in the communal gardens growing nutritious organic food. We can build structures and earth domes from natural and recycled materials such as glass bottles, car tyres, straw, cob, earth bags, sand bags, hemp etc and render with lime, mud and clay.

There are some gorgeous examples of this type of build. They are better insulated, fully biodegradable, superior breathability, they require no carcinogenic materials/chemicals to line them, and they are easy enough to put together with a little help from your friends. To top it all off, you can even fireproof and paint them with completely natural materials.

I’d love to see a self sufficient, autonomous and cooperative eco village/ community every 10 square miles or so, right across the world, spread out through all the countryside, perhaps with permaculture ethics, and operating from a state of love and compassion for each other. Everybody living as beautiful free spirits, in a peaceful community of like-minded souls. No hoarding of resources or exploitation. That has got to be better than a state of infantile dependency upon the globalists constructs!

We have been living like this for thousands upon thousands of years (until recently) anyway, so it is the most natural thing to do. Our ancestors are calling us back home! We could: learn to play musical instruments, admire the stars, flow with divinely inspired art forms, learn new (essential) life skills, cultivate a deeper sense of understanding about our true nature, let gratitude become the new currency, and generally enjoy this sacred life experience on a beautiful planet. This, I feel, is where the true destiny of a free humanity lies. I don’t care so much for the exact details, you can live in a tree house or inhabit a disused service station if you want, just so long as we collectively detach from the parasitical system.

How beautiful it would be to see an end of man made systems, manufactured scarcity, controllers, centralisation, technological and pharmaceutical entanglements which screw with our precious eco system, isolation, exploitation and everything else that is ugly in our world. Just keep it simple and natural. Even our own inevitable death, which is one of the biggest things we seem to fear in the westernised world, should be as natural as the nature we deny. Stop fighting nature! Let’s just be free to be.

I know it would require a massive paradigm shift, and we would have to completely change the way we live. Emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, with new found purpose and meaning, but we are fully capable of doing so. We don’t need to go along with the system anymore. Don’t you think we‘ve gone far enough down the wrong path already? Don’t be lost in the harvesting scam, wake up!

We are amazing, gifted, spiritual light beings, born to have a beautiful transient experience to live free on this planet as human beings for a precious amount of time. So let’s not waste it with the drudgery of financial enslavement, or complying with the agenda of an infectious psychotic machine mind any more.

Jah Bless, and Jah Guide!

Written by Jay Star aka Jay Walker for Easter (new beginnings) 2011