Rupert Murdoch: Hacking your mind since 1953…

So I’m sitting there watching Rupert Murdoch jibber jabbering some barely comprehensible bollocks on telly at the select committee, (stage managed damage limitation meeting, public gesture, appearance, inquiry.. whatever you want to call it), and I couldn’t help but be somewhat curious about this old fossil.

Here is a man who has the potential to literally change (or at the very least influence) the world, as the owner of a successful empire with an established framework in place to reach the minds of almost every single human being on the planet. And what does he do with it? Instead of spreading stories of positivity, community, education (health, alternative energy etc), to raise awareness and spread beautiful ideas to help create peace on Earth, fulfill our potential as human beings or for the greater good of humanity.. he uses his position and his channels to flood our minds with misinformation and politically motivated hot topics to groom and shape the way we think about the world.

It’s so depressing, that he chooses to use his monopoly on the media for this spin on reality. I’m sick of his empire continually dishing out more and more distractions, to keep us terrified with globalist war-mongering, divide and conquer strategies, covering up the truth, and weaving its wicked spell on our unsuspecting minds.

When I think of all the churnalism pumped out of the Murdoch news/media empire all over the planet, I see it as an incoming tide that cannot be held back. It flows into the estuaries of our sensory inputs, up the rivers of our neuronal connections, and spills over into the subconscious/subliminal mind to create the flood damage of distraction, anxiety, fear, depression, and despair. In poker terms, a 5 card ‘royal flush’ (of doom).

What a shame. What a waste of amazing potential. I guess that’s just the way it is when you have that kind of power. You need a strong moral compass to stand up for what you believe in, and resist the urges to be swayed (bribed, or otherwise influenced) by power, pressure, privileges and wealth. If I was in his position, with his resources and outlets at my disposal, I would do my utmost to use such a vast distribution network as a platform to bring something of benefit to humanity.. but then that’s why people like me don’t rise to the top. And in all fairness, I didn’t build up what he has, so it’s not my place to talk about taking it over from him.

On the other hand, however.. Whilst it’s his right to do whatever he wants to do with his empire.. I would also assert that if it is being used for self serving ends that does nothing to benefit anyone apart from his own financial interests, whilst it perpetuates a culture of immoral and illegal conduct, disrespects everything that is sacred in this world, has aligned itself with the interests of the rotten (and corrupt) agenda of capitalism, as a vehicle for global destruction, which trespasses against human rights and the privacy people deserve to enjoy in life (even in their own homes/private lives), and culminates in the ruining of lives, then I believe we have a right to say it’s time to remove him and his crap. Stick it where The Sun doesn’t shine, and I say good riddance. If not for the betterment/preservation of humanity and the natural planet, then for the LULZ ;)

I was getting bored of watching them play the old ‘Burns to Smithers’ routine. James Murdoch basically answered everything with. “To my knowledge, things were not known. If it was not a known thing, then it should not be a known fact to be told. Any illegal behaviour has no place in our company. I was not aware of those allegations. It is a matter of regret that the full facts were not known to me.”

Boring.. Oh wait, who is that?! I couldn’t help but notice an attractive/fit looking Asian lady sitting behind him, watching every move behind his back. Is she some sexy Chinese double agent moving into position to clip a bugging/tracking device to the back of his shirt?.. I’m thinking.. Why isn’t she taking any notes, and why is she looking at Murdoch in a funny way, training her eye on him like a hawk, and stopping to tap him on his shoulder at moments of awkward questioning? Turns out it’s his wife! Wow.. but oh I forget, he can afford to buy the whole of the membership of thaibrides.com if he wanted to. I wonder what did she even see in him anyway? I mean, before she started going out with the guy, I wonder what it was about him that attracted her?..

I was zoning out and paying less attention to what was actually being said, and started to see this whole ‘appearance’ as a tedious spectacle. They could have called it the ‘let’s take it in turns to pretend to be really serious and grill the bad guy, and everyone can watch him wriggle out of it live on TV, show’.

Admirable that they had been bothered to turn up in the first place (although they understood the seriousness of the implications and accusations that they were at the heart of, and ultimately responsible for) but to deny everything so flatly outright like that didn’t do much to help their case either if you ask me.

The select committee doesn’t even have the teeth to do any harm to the Murdoch empire, although it does set the stage for something, whatever that maybe be. It’s not like he had any legal obligation to be there anyway, so fair play for the effort but he sounded like an ignorant deluded old drunk to me. The obscure backbench MP’s on the committee were taking it in turns to enjoy their 5 minutes of panto fame with the big man that Cameron and Brown have been inviting in through their back doors over the years. Yes, he actually did say that he had been invited by the PM to come through his back door, at which point you could hear a muffled chuckle go around the room! Poor guy didn’t get our British humour, and dug his hole even deeper by going onto say “multiple times, and my family too”. (Editor's note : Sounds like if he's going odwn then he wants to take them all down with him!)

Some people might have felt sorry for the old codger as he ‘squirmed’ whilst trying not to incriminate himself, but I just couldn’t sum up the unconditional love needed to feel sorry for the bastard. There was no mention of the criminal cabal of politicians and police who were complicit in the whole criminal enterprise, or why the whistle blower who kick started this whole media shitstorm would keel over and die at home 2 days ago without any reasonable explanation. 17th July, the same day as the other famous whistle-blower David Kelly, was found dead exactly 7 years ago. What I found most suspicious is how quick our corrupt police force declared that there was nothing suspicious about it!? They haven’t even bothered to find out how he died and I doubt there will be any investigation into it. I think that makes it all the more suspicious, wouldn’t you agree?

There are some very dark things going on in the hallways of power, but no one in that room were expected ‘go there’. I suspect that most people (except the staff) were over the moon about the decision to close down the NOTW so quickly, but I dare say that people have not considered the real reason behind this decision to close the place down so quickly was the urgency to destroy every last shred of evidence before the official police investigation makes it through their doors. Hard drives, communications and all other incriminating evidence would have been long disposed of by now, so whatever they say, nothing can be proved. This whole ‘appearance’ is a farce. A publicity (and media relations) stunt to appeal to the public, and an opportunity for Murdoch to publicly lay down his boundaries of what he is willing to talk about or admit, so that the police/judicial mafia can form a plan from there (or via the back doors of No.10, as he admitted it wouldn’t be the first time for that, the crafty buggers).

I was just about to turn the telly off as I’d heard enough bullcrap for one evening when the pie incident came along right on cue to cheer me up! :D

It happened so quickly (and out of frame), that I initially thought Louise Mensch the Conservative MP questioning Murdoch had said something that offended Murdochs wife, and that she had jumped out of her seat to attack her in a fit of rage! Turns out it was Jonnie Marbles the activist comedian who attempted to push a cream pie into Murdochs face, but they cut out the good bits. Fuckers.. Ah well, the footage of the meeting was being broadcast via the very company that he owns, so you would expect that they would be ordered to edit any crazy embarrassing shizzle on the fly wouldn’t you. (It’s not unusual to broadcasting a minute or two behind live, just in case).

Wendi startled me, with that viscous face smashing ‘palm strike’ in such a high profile establishment as the houses of parliament . I know nobody expected the pie either but this was a full on assault LOL!! God knows how she would have reacted had they been in the local pub. Sure took the heat off Murdoch though, and she’ll earn a place in the hall of fame (and peoples hearts) for her 5 minutes of feisty fame. Then again, Jonnie will be guaranteed a sell out show for his next gig too, (can’t guarantee he won’t get a pie in his face on stage in the middle of his routine though!). That’s show business for you. It manages to further cheapen, degrade, dumb down and distract from what really matters in all of this.

There was a cry of ‘Outrageous’, and ‘No.. No.. No’, from the Committee MP’s as Jonnie approached with his pie, (which ironically, is exactly what our ‘elected’ representatives in Parliament should have been saying to Murdoch and his son for a long time now, but didn’t have the guts to do so), whilst the Chairman of the committee sitting at the heel-stone of the table just raised his hand like a dark overlord commanding the forces of Hades to halt the uninvited invader in his tracks (which seemed to be at least partially successful judging by what followed!).

Later on you saw Jonnie being taken away in handcuffs with the pie all over HIS OWN face, oh dear, LMAO! Gutted mate! Unfortunately, there was no footage of any pie on Murdochs face, but there was plenty on his own mug! I think Wendi intercepted the plate and launched it back at him like some kind of Tizwas party. No wonder he was looking so sheepish as he was being marched off by the police.

Stepping away from the bare face lies, the meaninglessness sham this whole ‘appearance’ has been, and the amateur dramatics for a moment, it has to be obvious that when we allow one man to have so much power, (NOTW was less than 1% of his business) it is bad news. We have so many powerful monopolies now that whilst it still looks like a democracy on the surface of things, a closer inspection would reveal something closer to the definition of a plutocracy or an oligarchy. They’re taking us all for a ride, whilst robbing us blind.

At least this should help people come to the realisation that our governors are comprised of the most dodgy and corrupt inner circle members of the upper echelons of our system i.e. within the police force, the CPS, bilderbergers, bankers, media cartels and members of the cabinet. To make things worse, they are so committed to the cause, that there is a sort of revolving door to move from one societal engineering department to the next. For those of us who already knew that, we have to think about the alternative. What would a news/information service for the people would look like, what sort of content it would cover, and how it would be done? I have decided that this will be the topic for another blog, and I look forward to writing my thoughts on that, but for now, screw the Murdoch empire and his ‘yes men’.

Written by Jay Walker