The media and its role in upholding lies and deceit!

The media recently have been running with the story about Wikileaks and Julian Assange and although most of the media seems to be trying to turn the story into a focus on Mr Assange and his sex life antics – which has obviously been planned to cause maximum damage to his reputation and to create a case for his arrest – all that aside the fact that there is now a whistleblower institution responsible for laying bare information from those who use covert means to perpetuate destructive activities, cannot be overstated or over-valued. While certain elements of the media – such as the Guardian and the Independent in the UK and the Huffington Post in the USA occassionally veer into investigative journalistic terroritory the plain fact is that most of the media serve an agenda that protects the status quo and its corporate interests. Of course we are all familiar with the exploding range of independent media outlets much like this one that are appearing on the internet. But should we rest with the fact that the playing field is being evened out somewhat?

Well the thought to not be content with the mainstream media's usual role in creating illusory 'news' and views and to have a voice that largely protects the line fed to it by the government was inspired anew by the recent interview on the bbc with wheelchair bound protester Jody McIntyre that was conducted by newsreader Ben Brown. Social media network websites have been abuzz with the fact that the newsreader was insinuating that Jody might have rolled his wheelchair towards the policeman who dragged him out of it and acorss the road – and was seemingly using this to make the case for defending the tactic of the policeman who had used violent behaviour towards Jody. Not that Jody's condition of having cerebral palsy should make anyone feel pity for him but the fact that this made absolutely no difference to the police who used these tactics against him have rightly so made a lot of people angry and uncomfortable. The bbc newsreader who may well have been directed from someone above him in his chain of command at the bbc didnt stop at insinuating that Jody might have 'rolled' his wheelchair towards a policeman, but went on to use some of Jody's words from a newspaper interview against him by repeating the fact that he had said that he felt that he was a revolutionary, Jody's response to this was perfect, 'thats a word and not an action against a police officer... So there are two elements to Ben Brown's attack on Jody McIntyre that we should be very unsettled by, that he insinuates that Jody could be a threat to any armed police officer and the fact that he purports the fact that being a revolutionary to be something to be jeered at. It is not an easy task to find a quote from anyone who has held political office in Britain which could be of use here, but when we turn to the early American Presidents – the founding fathers – we find many to choose from, quotes that are relevant here in describing the role of the people to keep their governments in check – to be in fact what many would refer to as 'revolutionaries' -quotes such as... “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” and “The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive.” both from Thomas Jefferson, 3rd US President and Author of the Declaration of Independence and “ To insinuate that being a revolutionary is something to look down upon or to be twisted from its original meaning is a tactic of the lowest order, smearing a meaning to create slander.

Should we allow such conjecture to go unchallenged, should we prop up the normal routinal aspect of having the newsreader take the position of opposition when it heralds such fragrant abuse of the truth of a matter. Should we really continue to support any elements in whatever form they take that help to expand the efforts of those who are building a reality that helps degrade people and make life a chore for anyone. In this case the simple fact is that people wanting to study today are having to get into massive amounts of debt before they even achieve a university result – this will have the effect of turning those on lower incomes away from obtaining a university education – in many areas of life people are trapped by a system that is being designed more and more by extremely wealthy people to drain everyone else of any efforts to achieve a decent living with rights to make their lives what they wish them to be. We the people should be restraining the worst elements in our lives – aside from the point that we have to deal with the banks and rein in their worst efforts at using illusion to trap the people into poverty, we should also be putting our efforts into ensuring that the public discourse that is in part built from an organisation that our taxes fund be heading in a direction that will utlimately benefit the people.

Bringing this article however back to ground and keeping it to its main issue, that of keeping the media to its intended purpose of informing the people, some last points.. We should not forget that this isnt all about defending Jody, we are not trying to say he is special in any way because of his condtion and we also do not adhere to putting Julian Assange in the frame – we do not wish to help in any way build any celebrity status - this is about trying to get some integrity into the mix - should people really be trying to hide their true opinions for cash? In this case should anyone defend journalists and 'news' readers who spout words for cash or to climb the career ladder, is it right that they seemingly support ideas to go along with agendas – shouldn't they be upholding their true ideas and ideals? Imagine if Ben Brown had actually displayed some outrage at what happened - wouldnt that be more newsworthy? Or maybe he displayed his true colours and therefore deserves the bad press that he is now getting. I think its about time that people started sticking up for each other when it comes to violence being perpetuated in the name of the legal system, thats plain stupid – we at SWAT are all for common law and common sense - the system is screwed in many ways - the fact that students are having to get into major debt for their education due to a system that rewards the extremely wealthy and is screwing the rest of us is the real story - I think its about time the media started operating for the people and we should be doing our upmost to make sure that this is so, especially when it comes to media that most people are traditionally content to operate as they always have – lets shake things up and actually go on the offensive. Lets uphold that ideal of being revolutionaries and show support for those who dare like Jody McIntyre and Julian Assange.