Veitch's 9/11 Disaster

Veitch's total about-turn on 9/11 raises suspicions!

The total and utter complete turn by Charlie Veitch of the Love Police on 9/11 has caused ructions with many people. And to be honest along with Max Igan it is something that has really freaked me out too. Not that I see or have ever seen him as some sort of 'leader' or anything like that, but his about-turn has freaked me out because I followed his videos and enjoyed his presence, as he was very watchable and seemed to be doing a lot of good work - in trying to deprogramme the police, etc. His videos have been funny, passionate and had built within me some respect for the man. He seemed to be a thinking man, although at times seemed to slip into being arrogant or self-serving or angry and sometimes rude. He is just a human like us all after all, but this about turn on 9/11 and the way in which he is actively arguing against all clues that suggest that 9/11 might have been an inside job or allowed to happen has raised concerns for me.

To cut straight to the thoughts that I now have about him, maybe we can look at him as a deep plant, in other words, an infiltrator. The truther 'community' have not reacted well to his announcement, and this chaos that he has brought about by such a brazen announcement; that he now totally writes off the idea that 9/11 MIGHT have been an inside job and that he seems to have changed his mind totally based on some discussion and photographs (well now why cant we ALL see this utterly conclusive evidence, including the Pentagon video footage??), and announced this new opinion about 9/11 so suddenly - should make you wonder about the guy too! Certain facts have edged me towards the fact that he has not been what he seems, and they are as follows,

A) His parting of the ways with Danny Shine, or rather Danny's parting with him... I wonder if Danny Shine had seen something in Veitch that made him wonder about Veitch's intentions.

B) That at Sunrise Festival last year he was urging people to firebomb mcdonalds (presented as tounge in cheek of course, there was no one at Sunrise who would have gone for that anyway).

C) That this year at Sunrise - I caught the end of one of the disussions that he was a part of and he was slandering Greenpeace as only existing to keep their own bureacracy going - when in fact their members do a huge amount of awareness raising and their activists get involved in some very risky campaigns. HOW - I ask myself can he reconcile the two above points?

D) That in past videos he has been, in a 'subtle' fashion, insinuating that people get violent or wear 'black block' masks - when 'ordinary' people see masked people at protests they assume that it will get violent (and so this puts 'regular' people off getting invovled in actions or protests) and in actual fact - masks - psychologically speaking will cause people to do things that they normally would not do, Charlie must realise all this, I am sure.. If you need further information on this then you need just look into the prison experiments by Philip Zimbardo – See www.zimbardo.com for more details.

E) His past really does clash with where he is at the moment, not that transformation cannot happen - it can of course! But there is such a divide here. He says he used to be a banker - well thats the same story that chris 'freedom' flowers (who pretends to be a truther activist on fb, he is from canada but all he ever puts out is that 'so and so' is a shill, 'so and so' is pretending to be me... etc... and very little good information) puts out.

If we are honest though, at this stage – The whole 9/11 disaster, whatever its causes and instigators, does not matter, it is history! It is what is occurring now, the wars that the US Adminstration and the British Government start, the invasion of the middle east, the environmental disasters that corporations are causing and how we proceed into the future about such issues that matters. To so many people though, and especially younger people - the realisation that things that you're told, especially by the government, cannot always be trusted, is a thought paradigm that benefits us all. The fact, that, a lot of information or propaganda, not necessarily being true, or in your best interests, is an idea that considering the whole 9/11 disaster brings to the fore in an developing mind. The best way to consider 9/11 is that it COULD have been an inside job, that at best it was probably allowed to happen - in fact IT was allowed to happen. We all know Dick Cheney ordered a Norad stand-down, that fighter jets were on 'training' ops, conveniently far away, and that the US Government had around 4 warnings of a plot that involved planes being flown into buildings from Spain and the UK amongst other countries during the summer of 2001, and so it is a fact that this information was ignored and that it can be seen that 9/11 was allowed to happen by those in the US administration at that time.

Then as you know we have the information about building 7's collapse being reported on by the BBC, this was put out on live television as the building was still standing in the background. I put the following comment on Veitch's channel as a comment in his friends comments feed and the few times that I tried to post it - it got marked as spam -

"Why did the BBC report the collapse of building 7 while it was still standing? The news channel - CNN's website reported as all other media did that 7 collapsed at 5.20pm, but in this BBC news feed they report it as happening at 9.55pm (4.55pm in the USA)."

Now I ask myself who marked it as spam? I thought that maybe Veitch had set his channel to automatically mark anything containing weblinks as spam (not that I can find that function anywhere on my YT account information) but when I tried it again without the html links and just suggested that it get copied and pasted in the browser address bar it got marked as spam again?! I think its pretty clear that along with all the above information, coupled with the irresponsible way in which Charlie announced his COMPLETE U-TURN thereby affecting loads of people - especially younger people who see him (just by the level of presence that he has) as some kind of role model that he either has been threatened, hypnotised or whatever or has - and this is the most likely - that he has been a deep plant all along!

The main lesson though that can been learned from all of the fallout over Veitch's total about-turn can be seen as this though, considering the united way in which the truther community has been adamant in their criticism of Veitch, is that the those authorities which initiate divisive tactics - which is usually the job of the police and agenices like Mi5 and such, have a different arena to act within now - one where they find people united and standing firm with each other in their intelligent analysis of information that they receive. The old tactics of divide and conquer have no sway in these circles. We have to keep an open mind on this - 9/11 might have been an inside job or as it seems to me on the evidence that I have perused - that the plane attacks were ALLOWED to happen! MY suspicions are also that the plane that was due to hit building 7 (which was on timed collapse) did not make it there, but we still have the footage that includes the sound of the explosion that can be heard seconds before the collapse of building 7! Charlie Veitch - you stated on Max Igan's interview that you would answer any question posed to you about 9/11 - well give me your thoughts and excuses on the facts above involving buidling 7!!

And if anyone can explain away the explosions heard in this live footage from september 11th, and the rest of the accounts from that day contained within, then please go for it and send me your thoughts via the email address on the home-page and I will refer to you for a course of mental development!