See the effect that LSD has on soldiers! No wonder its illegal!
The most illuminating footage ever of the real reason that LSD was made illegal. LSD frees us from the control mechanism – creativity flows and we are set free – LSD is a powerful tool not to be toyed with – but if done for the right reason with the right people in the right place then it can be a powerful tool for self-transformation! This video footage shows soldiers unable to follow orders and the Captain unable to give orders! If people don't follow orders, especially those who are meant to follow orders – such as in the army, then how can you control them? Those who align themselves with the New World Order, or as Alex Jones calls them – the globalists, or as we can understand more easily – the control freaks; the money makers – do not want the people to have real freedom or access to those chemicals with which we can transform ourselves, and LSD is certainly that – a chemical that can set us free!