Alex Jones on Bohemian Grove!
How can we be a truther website if we do not host any truther classics by Alex Jones. Whatever you think about Alex Jones and his occassional outbursts - we value the fact that he has been bringing such material into the limelight. We at SWAT really value his documentary - 'Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove.' as it makes it clear that what we see of those in high political office on the mainstream news is not the whole story. Just what the heck are Presidents of the USA government cartel doing attending ceremonies where mock sacrifices are carried out beneath a huge stone owl in the redwoods of California?? This movie really opened many peoples' eyes to the fact that something is very wrong with American politicians amongst others. Get yourself some popcorn and a large mug of tea and relax with this excellent truther classic! BE WARNED THOUGH THAT WHAT ALEX WITNESSES AND FILMS IS BIZARRE AND UNSETTLING! Especially considering the fact that world leaders are in attendance!