Bill Hicks and the Heroic dose
Bill Hicks was a wonderful comedian - he spoke the truth as he saw it - no holds barred - some of it was a little hard for some to take, subjects such as drugs and sex and war made him a little unpalatable for some and made some television hosts nervous about him. But for many today he is an inspiration - his growing fan base understand that his humour was driven by love - that even when it seemed like he had an abrasive edge that his wild meanderings were a breeze of fresh air that relayed a deep reality about the human condition, untouched by any form of consumerism. The SWAT is proud to call Bill Hicks amongst the rota of its inspirations. We are proud to pitch ourselves alongside Bill Hicks and all those that follow in his glorious wave... This video is Bill Hicks on fire... telling the truth about drugs... Its heartening to notice his inspiration in many modern commentators and we love it even more that he mentions Terence McKenna in this clip. Enjoy.