South Wales Agency for Truth Present - Radical Realisations:The road from conspiracy to transformation
Premiered at The Winter Watusi Indoor Festival in Cardiff. To engage in truther investigation means that we are deciding to investigate reality for ourselves. And although at times to look into material that some refer to as conspiracy theory can have negative personal effects for a time, as to learn of the cruelty that some mete out to others to get ahead can be very unsettling - if we keep hold of the rescue line to find our way out and keep our sanity while we swim through the mine of information on how corrupt those who think that they are our 'leaders' are - you might just find that some remarkable changes occur in your life.

For our lives to transform we really need triggers that help propel us into new areas of thought that shake and widen the boundaries that we normally reside within, whatever they may be. I see remarkable changes going on around me, in friend's lives and also see a huge rise in creativity - in no small part due to the internet and the remarkable propensity it gives us to communicate new ideas. And if we come into contact with information that causes unsettling emotions then we can realise that as always light will follow dark, out of the dark into the light :)