Zak Locke shatters Veitch's 9/11 Nonsense
Zac Locke of Resistance Radio rips apart Charlie Veitch's completely absurd defense of the official story for the disasterous attacks of September 11th 2001. Veitch's complete about turn on 9/11 shocked many people – with questions being asked ranging from "Was he threatened?" to "Was he a movment infiltrator from the beginning?" Whatever guesses we can make about Vetich's position we can clearly see, (just as we clearly see that the attacks of 9/11 were absolutely allowed to happen), that he has caused fierce debate on the subject and to some degree has caused trouble for the movement – his younger 'fans' have been thrown in their search for truth and he has caused some abrasion for the more emotional truthers out there. That people keep paying Veitch attention has urged us at SWAT to ensure that a good breakdown of his absurd arguement for supporting the official story is hosted on the website.