KRS ONE on 9/11
KRS ONE, hip hop king and teacha' delivers his thoughts on 9/11.
Ripple Effect - 9/11 documentary
Director William Lewis's intelligent, informative and the most conclusive documentary on 9/11. If you thought that you have seen it all then think again! Umissable!
WHY in the world spray?
Micheal Murphy has released this promotional video for what hopefully will be another documentary on geo-engineering! This short video makes the point better than the original video, so is very watchable and informative.
Aaron Russo - Mad As Hell!
Aaron Russo's awesome and passionate attempt at igniting revolution in America via television in the 1990s - MAD AS HELL! In full.
From Freedom to Fascism!
Aaron Russo's extremely revealing documentary - From Freedom to Fascism. Doing his bit for the cause of truth and the empowerment of the people.
Alex Jones & Aaron Russo
Alex Jones presents the full interview with Aaron Russo - Reflections And Warnings. Carried out shortly before Aaron's passing. Let him inspire you!
David Icke on Kundalini!
David Icke on his Kundalini Awakening that happened to him in Peru. Start of his remarkable journey!
Marks and Nutt on drugs
Howard Marks interviews David Nutt about his time as as the chairman of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs and for the truth about drugs and the UK's drug policy.
Ecstasy - The Truth
Excellent, informative, balanced documentary on the drug ecstasy/mdma from a mainstream broadcaster.
George Carlin=Spot on!
George Carlin - American stand-up comedian who delivered the truth with a gritty style - take a peek, we guarantee you'll be hooked on Carlin videos!
Electric Car Murdered!
Who Killed the Electric Car? Revealing documentary about the project to destroy the non-petroleum vehicle. Things are slowly changing though, they have to!
LSD effects on soldiers!
Short excerpt from a documentary about LSD and the military that reveals why the establishment need LSD to remain illegal. Great clip!
Timothy Leary on Psychedelics
The Legendary Timothy Leary delivered this excellent lecture on the Intelligent use of Psychedelics for Self-Transformation.
Lone Gunmen reveal 9/11
'The Lone Gunmen' was a spin-off series from 'The X-Files' - this episode aired March 2001 eerily 'predicted' 9/11.
Zac Locke V C. Veitch
Resistance Radio's Zac Locke tears apart Charlie Veitch's absurd about-turn on 9/11 - we at SWAT believe he is out to cause trouble for some reason and feel the need to air this.
Radical Realisations!
SWAT Produced video number 2 - Radical Realisations. A commentary on how to acheive positive change. First presented at Winter Watusi Festival in Cardiff, Wales, UK!
Bill Hicks's Maifesto!!
Bill Hick - ambassador for Truth! Inspirational, rare short video where Bill Hicks delivers his ethos for life! Definately an inspiration for the SWAT Team.
Bizarre Bohemian Grove!
Alex Jones's classic documentary - Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove, where Alex captures footage of a bizarre ritual watched by world leaders in the Grove.
The truth about drugs!
Graham Hancock - writer, journalist and more recently psychedelic explorer discusses a solid arguement for drug legalisation.
Press for NO Fluoride!
Canadas independent news agency PRESS FOR TRUTH inform of the dangers of sodium fluoride.
Denver says no to fluoride!
A look into how Denver chapter of WE ARE CHANGE are spreading information on the dangers of water fluoridation.
Church of Stop Shopping
Rev Billy resident of New York's Times Square - one of the USA's epicentres for those who worship shopping - has had enough and can't take it anymore.
September 10th 2001!
News of Donald & the missing trillions disappeared with the smoke of the 9/11 disaster.
"Building what?"
THE Smoking gun! = Building 7 of the world trade tower complex taken down by demolition on 9/11
The Zeitgiest documentary went viral when put online. While there may be some distortions within the documentary no one can say it has not had a massive impact on the truther movement & perhpas beyond.
Zeitgeist's take on ca$h
The second Zeitgeist documentary focusing on money as a slave system. Some great information within. Introduced the controversial Venus Project.
SWAT Production!
SWAT produced short video for our You Tube channel highlighting the transformations happening on our planet today & to come.
National Security Alert
Documentary about the 911 Pentagon Attack. Does a thorough job at exposing the spurious and non-scientific scenario proposed by official accounts.
Intelligent Health
Talk exposing the threat to natural health choices. Never popular with the corporate world, natural health products are under a new threat that could see vitamins and mineral supplements classed as drugs across the world.
"What in the World are they Spraying?" Documentary on Geo-Engineering which has caused a stir around the globe. Everyone needs to be aware of the issue especially as the UK Government now have a policy on Geo-Engineering
Landscape Zodiac
Discover the hidden landscape with this fascinating talk.
Bill Hicks
The late and great Bill Hicks providing some illumination.
Monsanto Suck!
Max Keiser gives monsanto a dressing down!
JFK a revolutionary?
JFK speech edited out of context. Beware of those who want to subvert information and manipulate opinion.
Run from the Cure
The story of Rick Simpson and his cannabis oil cancer cure.
Sun of gOd
Sun of gOd author Gregory Sams erudite illumination of Solar deification and science through human history. Brilliant!